At Brockman's Custom Gunsmithing, we strive to make all of our models the highest quality. We are always seeking new and improved components to use, and we continually upgrade our rifles to take advantage of the best. Feedback from our customers is essential, as many changes and upgrades have resulted from suggestions from our customers as well as from our own field experiences.

When selecting your new custom rifle, here are some things we feel you should take into account.

What are you using the rifle for?

Do you expect to take 500-600 yard shots at game?

Will you be hunting in rugged country with dense vegetation?

What size animals will you be hunting?

How much recoil can you handle?

These are all questions you should honestly ask yourself. We have many choices in cartridges today, but why over-gun yourself when a smaller, more efficient cartridge will be less abusive to shoot? With less recoil you will be able to place the shot more precisely.

Many rifles fall into what we consider special use rifles. If this special use is planned from the beginning, the final result will be more satisfactory. To start with a cartridge that burns 100+ grains of powder and then use a 20" barrel makes for a poor result.

Another area to consider when choosing a rifle is the action. When we start to build a precision rifle, it often makes more sense to start with a custom action that costs a little more, than to start with a production action, then pay several hundred dollars to bring it into spec. Providing details such as this in the beginning will eliminate delays caused by changes.

There are some types of rifles that other people specialize in, and we don't. In these cases, we will reccomend someone instead of taking the job ourselves.

We pride ourselves on building a rifle that is practical, functional, and elegant. Brockman's stands behind its products 100%! Brockman's doesn't want to build all of your rifles, only your best rifles!


Jim Brockman - Gunsmith