Brockman's Rifles has been producing high quality custom rifles for over 20 years. Rifles ranging from big bore dangerous game rifles to our popular modern lever actions. Jim Brockman owner and master gunsmith has spent that time ever improving and developing ideas that are turned into modern innovative rifles for our customers. After college and a year long apprenticeship at famous Mauser factory in Obendorff Germany. Jim started his career at the Texas firm K.D.F. Today Brockman's offers several models of bolt action and lever action custom rifles to choose from. With a small , dedicated staff, each rifle is assembled by hand.

In a world of instant everything creating a custom rifle is a slow process but the results warrant the wait. We strive to deliver a high quality product in a timely manner. Many times we are ask is that time real time or gunsmith time. Well we strive for real time but we are gunsmiths after all. Please understand that often it is months to receive a barrel or a synthetic stock from a given maker. This makes the job drag out, and after all we are gunsmiths.

At this point in time we are lucky to have many high quality components to build long range rifles from. We are entering a period were factory actions no longer carry enough quality to warrant the investment. Much like twenty or so years ago when it was no longer cost effective to work with military actions. For highly accurate rifles each component must be of the highest quality as well. Barrel, stock, and action. Right down to the scope base and rings. While we often use a factory action, after 20 years we know most of the little problems that have to be taken care of to bring that action up to a usable standard. The type and use of the rifle determines the type of action to be used. We don't build dangerous game rifles from precision actions built for long range shooting.

Stocks are much the same way. If we are going to use a synthetic stock there are about five very good quality suppliers we work with. Why? Because the end use of the rifle will determine the style we use. As well as the physical characteristic of the shooter. That is the reason you see Brockman's using laminate stocks but it allows use to offer more correct style for the intended purpose as well as allowing the stock to be tailored to the customer yet have a rough tumble material.

Barrels are one of the three most important components of the rifle. We have only three barrel suppliers we use at this time. Because they are the three we know deliver the highest quality, most consistent barrels time after time. Like stocks not all barrel makers make all the calibers we need.

Scope rings and bases is a short subject. There is only one Talley. Fixed , Quick detach or Picatinny they are the best. We have used them for twenty years.

Scopes. Determine what you want to do with the package and spend as much as you can afford. There are dozens of scopes on the market but only a dozen or so real good ones. Most of the scope innovation has centered around long range shooting. When you get past 600 yards it becomes a different world. There are scopes with dials and buttons and some that weigh up to 3.5 lbs. The trick here is to pick the scope for the job. We don't recommend a 2 1/5 to 3 lbs. scope for a hunting rifle unless you are shooting out of a blind or not hiking far. For a big game rifle we prefer scopes with internal ranging recitals not adjustable knobs. Dialing a scope is great when time allows. But in the hunting field things often happen in a rush. Now we are ranging, judging the animal, watching conditions, and counting clicks. That's allot to do in the time a animal allows in the field. A recital built for your ballistics eliminates allot of potential errors. When selecting a scope look for clarity of optics, quality of construction, ease of use, size and weight. Some scopes are so large they are difficult to mount and some are to short and small.

No matter if the rifle is a precision long range unit, a dangerous game package or a one of a kind work of art and function the components' must be selected carefully to have a perfect finished product.