The Brockman Premier Practical Rifle was developed from the many experiences of our customers and ourselves in the field. It is designed to meet the varied needs of those customers and yourself in the field.

The Premier Practical rifle is based around the Model 70 action known for its reliable feeding and function with the best trigger, safety, extractor combination on the market. These features are the heart of the Practical Rifle.

Because life is a compromise, we have designed the Premier Practical Rifle to answer as many of the rifleman's needs, wants, and desires as possible.

The Premiere Practical Rifle can be quickly reconfigured to meet any changes the environment might present.

The Premiere allows the rifleman to utilize the rifle as a precise medium to long range shooter with a conventional scope. With the scout scope mounted, the rifleman has a fast, accurate rifle to engage short to medium range moving targets. With the red dot Aim point in place, he has the ability to engage targets at close to medium ranges in near dark conditions with one of the fastest sights in the world. Each configuration can be changed in 20 seconds or less, with the reserve Ghost Ring Sights to back it up. With the right choice of cartridge, the rifle can now be used for a wide range of tasks.

Take a look and see if you are a Premier Practical rifleman.

Options Included With This Package:

  • Model 70 Classic Short Action - Optional Upgrade to Dakota Short Action
  • Custom Match Grade Barrel
  • High Quality Synthetic Stock
  • 4 Flush Mount Sling Swivels
  • Standard Bases and Q.D. Rings
  • Pachmayr Sporting Clay Recoil Pad
  • Brockman's Custom Pop-Up Peep Rear Sight
  • Brockman's Generation III Front Ramp Sight with Protective Ears w/ Elevation Adjustment
  • Brockman's Super Scout Bases & Talley Q.D. Lever Rings ( 1 Set )
  • Stripper Clip Slot machined into Rear Bridge
  • Trigger Adjusted for Creep and Weight of Pull
  • Action Completely Blueprinted with Barrel Installation
  • Stocks Pillar-Bedded with Free-Floated barrel
  • Sling System of Customer's Choice
  • Standard Bi-Pod Mounting Stud
  • 5 Round Cartridge Carrier on the Off-Side of the Stock
  • Rifle Weight: Approx. 7 to 7-1/2 lb.

Brockman Premier Practical Rifle Package - $4595.00
*Case and Optics not included