At Brockman's, our goal is to provide quality workmanship in a timely manner. You, the customer, can help us achieve this goal by reading and making note of the following company policies and suggestions.

Shipping Your Gun to Us

It is legal for a gun owner to ship his gun by UPS to a gunsmith for repairs or alterations. The gun may also be returned to the owner by UPS. Please note that the gun must be returned to the address that we receive it from. Therefore, if you ship the gun from a packaging service such as "Mail Boxes, Etc.", by law, it must be returned to that address.

The gun should be packed securely in a hard case, preferably with the case inside of a plain cardboard box or a very sturdy double box. Brockman's will not be held responsible for guns damaged in shipment to us. Address parcels to "Brockman's" so no reference is made to the contents and please insure for actual replacement value, including all contents and the case.

Inside the box, and along with the gun, be sure to include name, billing address, return shipping address, day-time phone number, email address, package choice and your deposit. An approximate deposit of 50% is required and may be made by check or credit card. When the gun is nearing completion we will send an invoice for the balance due.

If requested, we will acknowledge receipt of your firearm with a printed estimate. The estimate will advise the customer of an approximate delivery date and an estimated cost. Please realize that estimates are only estimates, the cost incurred for some work may have to be determined at a later date. Please wait at least 12 days from the date you shipped, before calling, if you do not receive an estimate by mail.

Ordering a New Rifle Package

As with all gun work, a 50% deposit is required on the total price of the gun plus options. When the gun is nearing completion we will send an invoice for the balance due. For new guns, we must have a copy of a dealer’s FFL, with an original signature, on file to ship the gun to. The gun will then be shipped GROUND unless further instructed by the customer, to the address on the FFL when payment in full is received.

Mode of Payment

We accept personal and company checks, Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Please note, prices are subject to change without notice.

Shipping and Handling Costs

Unless otherwise requested by the customer, return shipping will be insured UPS ground service (rifles will not be shipped through US Postal Service). Shipping and handling charges will be approximately $40 per gun, unless there are special shipping requirements. Small parts orders have a $12 shipping, handling and insurance charge. All returned parts (inlcuding barrels, stocks, etc..) will have a charge of $25.

Telephone Inquiries

We appreciate your business and strive to complete orders by the estimated delivery date, however, this is not always possible. Please remember two things: (1) We are anxious to complete your order, that's when we get paid, and (2) every minute we spend on the phone is time taken away from filling orders. Please do not call to "check up" on your custom gun work before the estimated delivery date has arrived.

Written estimates are binding for 30 days and are subject to price changes thereafter.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!
Brockman's is not responsible for typographical errors.