For 20 years we at Brockman's have been striving to turn one of America's most traditional rifle platforms into a modern day practical rifle. After many generations of designs and modification we can offer you the most versatile, innovative and practical lever action rifle available. Our customers have used Brockman lever actions rifles for everything from elephants to anti-pirate rifles and everything in between.

Whether it is a Super Guide, Presidential or Beast package you will find something to meet your needs.

The Brockman lever action utility rifle is the answer for shooters seeking a single rifle for use in diverse applications. Intended for the "real world" rifleman, the emphasis is on simplicity, practicality, and durability. The compact size and inherent balance produces a fast handling rifle that points like a shotgun. Two independent sighting systems are provided for maximum flexibility.

The scout scope or Aimpoint provides accurate first shot placement out to 200+ yards. The long eye relief allows sighting on the target while tracking with both eyes open. Custom made steel scope bases and Talley Q.D. rings ensure that the scope returns to zero after being removed.

The Ghost Ring rear sight is exposed when the optic is removed. The rear sight with its protective ears and large aperture, windage and elevation adjustment and elevation adjustable front. Allows the sights to fall naturally into the shooter's line of vision when the rifle is pointed with both eyes open.

The cartridge trap installed in the enhanced butt stock provides instant access to extra cartridges. The cartridge trap is designed to allow the shooter to retrieve one cartridge at a time without removing their eyes from the target. While the enhanced stocks give a better cheek weld and recoil management.